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About Us

DealBinder was founded by a former Am Law 100 commercial real estate attorney and developed in consultation with lawyers, paralegals, and mortgage lenders. What separates us from traditional “search companies” is that we understand the workflow of a deal.  Every aspect of our technology – from ordering to reporting – is designed to help you stay organized, eliminate redundancy, and review and report on your searches and corporate documents faster.  

DealBinder is the most efficient way to order and manage due diligence searches for real estate finance transactions.  Our cloud-based solution allows you to track all of your searches and organizational document requests in one place, organizes them by deal, and lets you annotate and download reports from your personal dashboard.  Our easy online order form and dashboard eliminate the need to review and file multiple emails and attachments.  Results and documents are updated in real time and automatically tabled for you.

Lawyers and paralegals love that DealBinder eliminates the tedium of typing out complicated orders and manual summaries.  Their clients love that DealBinder saves time and money, freeing their legal teams to focus on legal analysis instead of busy work.

DealBinder is a member of the National Public Records Research Association (NPRRA), the premier industry resource for businesses engaged in public records filing, research and retrieval.